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Latest Recordings
  • Anders Svanoe - State of the Baritone

    Anders Svanoe - State of the Baritone

    Madison resident Anders Svanoe is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, bandleader, sideman, father, educator, author, longtime student of jazz music and all its satellite styles and an all-around nice guy (despite that the opening track says). When I asked him to lead a record date for the first time in over fifteen year, he had to consolidate all of these skills and talents into a CD’s worth of music.

  • Anders Svanoe & Jon Irabagon - Duets

    Anders Svanoe & Jon Irabagon - Duets

    In July 2009 I had the pleasure of recording a duo saxophone record with Jon Irabagon. Both Jon and I had a blast putting the record together, completing it in 2 hours! The entire focus of the record was to create an improvisational situation where the two of us could play as freely as possible within a somewhat rigid structure. I am extremely proud of the result and was very honored to play with such a world-class saxophonist.

  • Anders Svanoe - Lines and Spaces

    Anders Svanoe - Lines and Spaces

    Saxophonist Anders Svanoe has earned his stripes playing with The Ed Anders Quartet and the Tomato Box Creative Music Ensemble. Here, he teams up with AACM legend Roscoe Mitchell for an intense duet that finds the pair exploring Art Ensemble of Chicago-style percussion in a joint composition. Features Anders Svanoe (saxophones, ``plungerhoseaphone``), Roscoe Mitchell (percussion, winds), Jim Doherty (trumpet), Ed Fila (synth guitar), Henry Boehm (bass) and Michael Brenneis (drums).

State of the Baritone

Anders Svanoe was born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin and performs regularly with The Tony Castañeda Latin Jazz Sextet and the Anders Svanoe trio.  Previously he has played with The Ed Anders Quartet, Tomato Box Creative Music Ensemble, The Madison Jazz Orchestra, MATC Big Band, Cab Calloway Orchestra, Greg Abate, Transatlantic Art Ensemble and Roscoe Mitchell.

UpComing Shows

April 2, 8 PMAnders Svanoe Trio @ Eaton Chapel, Beloit College, Beloit WI

April 13, 9 PMAnders Svanoe Trio @ The Jazz Estate, Milwaukee WI

April 5, 8 & 10 PMAnders Svanoe Trio @ The Jazz Showcase, Chicago IL

April 22, 8 PMAnders Svanoe Trio @ Cafe Coda, Madison WI

Oct 8, 2 PM – Anders Svanoe Trio @ Middleton Glen, Middleton WI

Nov 30, 9 PM – Anders Svanoe Trio @ The Jazz Estate, Milwaukee WI

Dec 1, 7:30 PM – Anders Svanoe Trio @Arts and Lit Lab, Madison WI


Winner – Top 20, Tone Madison, 2017

Winner – Top 10, Kevin Lynch, 2017

“The improbable sleeper of the year is The State of the Baritone by Madison WI reed player Anders Svanoe, who rewarded producer-saxophonist Jon Irabagon’s faith in him, with an ambitious and conceptually lucid statement about the hulking horn’s ability to float like a butterfly and roar like a buffalo stampede, among other qualities.”


Kevin Lynch –

“Svanoe wrings grace, a broad tonal range, and stylistic diversity from a bulky wind instrument that most people encounter in only a supporting role.”


“Svanoe flits from low growls to fluid high-register phrases, making it easy to forget that all the sax sounds are coming from one guy on baritone the entire time.”


Scott Gordon –

“We need people who can find their own source, within themselves, and create from there. This is the kind of people I want to be associated with, and Anders has got that. He’s an original, definitely.”


Roscoe Mitchell

“Svanoe presents originality within the now decades-old tradition of free improvisation – a welcome, promising, and especially inventive presence as the music finds a new audience.”


Neil Tesser, author of “The Playboy Guide to Jazz”

“Here’s a collection of compromises that includes some must-hear musical events…. “VII” is a bold baritone sax solo by Anders Svanoe.”


John Litweiler, author of “Ornette Coleman: A Harmolodic Life” – Chicago Sun-Times

Anders Svanoe’s extended baritone improvisation on “VII,” an ingenious statement that conjures the aural countenances of Harry Carney and Pat Patrick into a brilliant reduction.


Derek Taylor –