State of the Baritone Vol. 2

State of the Baritone Volume 2 is the second volume from the State of the Baritone series released by Irabbagast Records in New York City. Following up on the critically acclaimed State of the Baritone, which won numerous Top Ten 2016 Polls (Milwaukee Jazz critic Kevin Lynch says, “The improbable sleeper of the year is State of the Baritone, an ambitious and conceptually lucid statement about the hulking horn’s ability to float like a butterfly and roar like a buffalo stampede”), State of the Baritone Volume 2 continues to impress critics and audiences.

State of the Baritone Volume 2’s stylistically exhaustive program offers freebop, 1960s boogaloo, Eddie Harris-influenced compositions and free improvisation, with Anders’ compositional style highlighting the conversational and flexible dialog between baritone, bass and drums, with the baritone soaring higher than eagles as well as delving amongst the fishes. This interplay and range is heard on the Ornetteish Baby Toys and Art Ensemble of Chicago-influenced One on One. As a hint of things to come, the final 9 minute track, Soloist, shows Svanoe at his most melodic and searching– a solo baritone saxophone track summing up all these past two volumes have represented.

Svanoe’s mastery and diversity on baritone saxophone is on full display and is meant to challenge the listener as well as make them rethink the role of the baritone in today’s music. Comfortable in classical, bebop or free jazz settings, Anders clearly illustrates that the big horn can do much more than the baritone’s smaller relatives.

Anders Svanoe-baritone saxophone
John Christensen-bass
Rodrigo Villanueva Conroy-drums

Jon Irabagon-producer
Irabbagast Records 011